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Terms and Conditions

  1. Provision of Services: IC agrees to provide reliable phone and/or web conferencing services ("Services") that are free of defect and function as advertised.
  2. Credit Card Authorization: If Customer is not pre-paying for ("Services"), Infinite Conferencing Inc. will submit an Authorization for validation against Customer's credit card upon receipt of this application. This is NOT a charge. IC also requires the credit card information to pass Address Verification check; name on card and address on account, including zip code, must be an exact match.
  3. Payment by Credit Card: IC will charge Customer's credit card monthly for any and all usage charges and send a statement to Customer. Customer is responsible for keeping a valid, un-expired credit card on file with IC.
  4. Payment by Check: IC will send Customer a monthly invoice if there was any usage. Customer agrees to pay all monthly charges immediately upon receipt of the invoice. A late charge of 2.0% per month will be applied to payments that are not paid within 30 days of the invoice date. If payment is not received within 60 days of the invoice date, IC will bill Customer's credit card.
  5. Term and Termination: IC requires no term commitment. Customer may cancel service at any time upon thirty day written notice to accounting@infiniteconferencing.com
  6. Limitation of Liability: IC is not liable to the customer for any loss that may occur due to causes beyond reasonable control of IC. The sole liability of IC for any defect in service is limited to the amount of any charges for the defective service. Under no circumstance will IC be liable for direct, indirect, special, consequential, or punitive damages arising in connection with the web conferencing services.
  7. Confidentiality: IC agrees to keep all Customer information strictly confidential. Customer agrees to keep all aspects of this Service Agreement confidential.

This Subscription Agreement (this "Agreement") is a legal and binding instrument entered into as of the date of electronic acceptance by Customer (the "Effective Date"), by and between the Infinite Conferencing, Inc., and "Customer," the individual or entity entering into this Agreement. Infinite Conferencing reserves the right to amend this Agreement from time to time without notice to Customer. The most current version of this Agreement can be reviewed by clicking on the "Terms of Service" hypertext link located at http://www.infiniteconferencing.com/terms.php.

Your use of the services (including trial use) is at all times conditioned upon your agreement to the terms and conditions outlined on this application and on http://www.infiniteconferencing.com/terms.php.

These terms and conditions were last revised August 2011 and are subject to periodic revisions and updates.